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Creator Of Brainy Picture People

My name is Kelly Gyde. I'm the Creator and Founder of Brainy Picture People.

Too Many Kids are Failing at School
My background is in primary teaching. I wanted to do more to help the significant number of kids who struggle with reading and spelling. It seems no matter how hard they try and no matter how hard their teachers work to help and support them, they continue to fail to make significant progress.
Why Do Some Kids Struggle With Literacy?
Over the past decade I have worked with children who find reading and writing challenging. Research into how the brain processes language shows that about 80-85% of the population learn to read and spell with relative ease, while the remaining 15-20% process language utilising a different part of the brain. These children learn more effectively when learning is presented in picture form rather than in words.
The Brainy Picture People Solution
I developed a teaching method for language based on pictures. Starting with a PICTURE ALPHABET I created an entire, comprehensive system of learning to read and spell. It took 10 years of research and development until every part of my programme had been trialled and tested with students for maximum effectiveness. The results have been astounding!
A Simple System
The Brainy Picture People Literacy Programme is SUPER EASY for kids. From the first lesson they experience success. Every literacy milestone is fun, easy and absolutely achievable.
All kids can enjoy and benefit from the BPP programme whether they learn best with language or with pictures.