A Literacy Solution For
'Picture Thinkers'

With 'Brainy Pictures' I am able to enjoy teaching to a child's strengths, rather than their weakness.
These types of Learning Tools are needed in our classrooms, for our teachers and for our kids and they are long overdue.

Dyslexia Is About …
Not Being Able To Do Language Well

Dyslexia is about language and about not being able to do language well, due largely to the brain being wired slightly differently to 'neurotypical' brains. Just as the female brain has a different style from the male brain, the dyslexic brain is different yet again. The 'dyslexic' brain is not wired in favour of words and language, but rather is wired with specialty skills in visualisation and pictorial processing skills. In short - where many people think mostly with words, the 'dyslexic' thinks mostly in pictures and has a diminished access to words as a thinking tool.
This is not because of low intelligence. It is not 'wrong' and does not need fixing. The 'dyslexic' way of thinking is a perfectly normal and useful way of thinking - it has its own characteristics, its own strengths and weaknesses. The difficulty arises when we create an education system that focuses on reading, writing and thinking in words as the preferred style, thus putting the non-word thinker at a considerable disadvantage. This difficulty is then compounded when most of our teachers are 'language thinkers', and are unaware that the perfectly normal child sitting in front of them thinks differently - in a way that is often incomprehensible to a non-dyslexic person.
… The amount of extra effort on the part of educators and on the part of students doesn't automatically equal academic progress and success. This is because we are still using the wrong fuel for their brains (language vs picture thinking), and until we change how we teach the dyslexic child, they will most likely continue to struggle and find learning frustrating.
(from Laughton King 'Dyslexia Dismantled')
Check out his website and helpful resources - dyslexiadismantled.com