Irlen Syndrome

Checklist for  Teachers 

Teachers can help

Identify children with Irlen Syndrome because they know which students struggle with reading. If you are a teacher or parent, you may notice the following behaviours when a child is reading

  • The child squirms as they read, often changing the direction of their head or the book.
  • The child seems to overlook words as they read, skipping them either partially or entirely.
  • Child may squint or move closer to the book in an effort to see the words.
  • The child adds words to their reading, or changes the words to others that mean the same, but are completely different.
  • The child looks away from the words frequently as they read. This is an effort to refocus and stop the movement of words.
  • Reading becomes more difficult for the child the longer they are reading.
  • They will seem tired and unable to concentrate fairly early on when reading.

If you are a teacher and you suspect a child may have Irlen Syndrome, contact Brainy Picture People to arrange for Irlen screening.